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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Custom Made Exhausts

Recently the mounting brackets started failing on my 9 year old exhaust. I'd previously had them welded, but they were now looking increasing likely to fail at the most inopportune moment. Unfortunately I could only source a replacement from the main dealer as there isn't a third party alternative to the manufacturer's exhaust. The cost seemed extortionate at £171 + VAT plus fitting.

However, I was talking to my father and he mentioned a company called Demand Engineering in Stonham Aspal, who construct custom stainless steel exhausts using LongLife components. Given the quality of the stainless steel materials and custom workmanship I thought the cost would be considerably more, but I was pleasantly surprised to see the quote at just over the cost of the main dealer exhaust prior to any VAT or labour. In fact I could get the exhaust replaced to the catalytic converter for the same cost as the main dealer box only.

It took David and Dan about 4 hours to manufacture and fit the exhaust, and it looks amazing.

I didn't want additional noise or any increase to my insurance premium, so I chose to go for a straight replacement, with no performance increase and the same noise levels. The exhaust delivers, quiet as before aside from a very slight throaty groan as you accelerate at higher speeds, which sounds good. My insurer also confirmed there is no increase in insurance premium as I've not modified the performance of the car.

When I use to have more time I'd undertake my own vehicle servicing and repairs, since it's important to me work is carried out correctly for the safety of my family. For that reason I'm often worried trusting others to work on the car. It was therefore good to chat to the guys actually doing the work rather than a front desk, and it was clear they knew their subject, after all they have both studied engineering at uni.

You can see from their Facebook timeline LongLife exhausts is a relatively new endeavor, for which I wish them the best. I will certainly be recommending them and will look that way when I change cars in the future.


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