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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

In Memory of Dad

My father suffered a 2nd heart attack on the 20th May and unfortunately, following a 3 week wait in Papworth for a 2nd heart bypass, he passed away 4 weeks after the operation whilst still in intensive care. There were a number of issues which meant a delay of a further 4 weeks before his funeral, but it was finally held yesterday. I gathered together a number of photos of Dad through his lifetime, and as a tribute to him presented them in a folder for family and friends to look through after the funeral. Later, I intend to make them into a photo book. This was my tribute I enclosed in the folder:

Dad will leave a huge hole in my life. I will miss his love, help, advice and most of all a hug as he said goodbye to return home. During his time in intensive care I had the chance to tell him how proud I was of him, and I know if I can be as good a Dad to my children as he’s been to me, then I will have succeeded. He always worried so much about us; even ringing in the early hours of the morning asking me to check the inside of the kitchen wall wasn’t alight, following some pipe repairs we had undertaken the night before.

Dad had a difficult life as a child, but from the tales he told me he also had many happy memories. He had incredible strength to get through the trials of life, surviving three major operations, a strength that would later see him give his all following his 2nd bypass. Despite this loss, I am so grateful of the extra years I had with him due to the success of his first bypass at Papworth. To me Dad has won the Olympic gold for life.

It’s now time for Dad to think of himself by returning to his mum’s arms to be with his family who has already passed on. One day I will see him again and look forward to those hugs, but until then I will carry him in my heart and feel him close by, watching over and guiding me as he has always done.

Take care Dad. You will never be forgotten and I will write down your stories to tell your grandchildren to be passed down for eternity.

 I will love you always,



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